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Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. JOHN BOLTON dropped by and talked about the President's address at the U.N.  He said that the president didn't do enough to explain what he wanted and there was only a little bit on ISIS.  Amb. Bolton and Brian also talked about how Saudi Arabia was afraid that President Obama would say no so they agreed to everything.  He also explained that what has actually happened is that we joined an Arab coalition against ISIS, we did not lead.

Ambassador Bolton also talked about the possibility of Mitt Romney running again for President in 2016, explaining that he always thought that he was the better choice in 2012.

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"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY talked about the airstrikes in Syria and then took some calls from listeners about the President's speech at the U.N. and how this is all a semantics war.  Brian and Steve both agreed that it seemed odd that President Obama talked about the Ferguson, Missouri shooting during his U.N. speech.

HOUR 2 "Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE weighed in on the Iranian President talking to the United Nations later today about ISIS and nuclear talks with Iran.  He also explained that it looked really good that President Obama got 5 Sunni nations on board for the strikes against ISIS even though they were nervous that Obama would not back-up his tough talk by actually taking strong action.  Chris also called out Brian for having his producer lie to him saying that Brian was in a bad mood when he actually wasn't.

Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped by and talked about China rejecting President Obama's request to become a "greener" country to help the world.  The Chinese told Obama that they will do nothing and the west can pay.   Leaders from the biggest polluters did not even attend the U.N meeting on climate change.

HOUR 3 Democratic strategist JOE TRIPPI called in and they talked about the resignation of Eric Holder and Joe told Brian that as an A.G. for 6 years it is one of the longest ever.  They also agreed that Holder was one of the most controversial A.G's ever.  On President Obama's approval rating will most likely go up since his announcement of airstrikes against ISIS because Americans always rally around their leader.  Joe also said that he actually thinks that the President's approval rating will not have an effect on the mid-term elections.

Fox's Chief Washington correspondent JAMES ROSEN talked about how the timing of the Holder resignation is to try and push through a new Attorney General before the mid-term elections because the Democratic party may lose their majority.

ED HENRY dropped by and explained that the sudden Holder resignation is a sign that the administration is definitely worried about losing the Senate.  On the President's U.N. speech Ed explained that he gets high early marks but has to do more and show more leadership because a lot of Middle East leaders believe that Obama hasn't stuck it out and left the region too early.