Eric Holder,

Some Americans have turned their backs on the U.S., leaving to join ISIS and other terror groups in Syria. The Justice Department is now rolling out new ways to prevent that.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern reports from the White House:

The Justice Department is launching a series of new programs aimed at combating American extremists leaving the U.S. to join the fight in Syria and Iraq.

(Holder) "We have engaged in extensive outreach to communities here in the United States so we can work with them to identify threats before they emerge."

These pilot programs, Attorney General Eric Holder says, will involve religious leaders, prosecutors and community leaders.

At least two Americans have been killed fighting alongside ISIS in Syria and a 19-year-old Colorado woman has pleaded guilty to trying to help the group.

At the White House, Jared Halpern, FOX News Radio.