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KILMEADE KONDENSED: 09/11/14: Remembering 9/11:13 Years Later


Victor Davis Hanson, American military historian and columnist, believes America has dropped the protocols and attitudes that kept us safe after 9/11. Hanson believes under President Obama the message America sends is we will not attack terrorists unless we are attacked. Brian and Victor agree that President Obama is wrong stating that ISIL are not Muslims. Hanson compares President Obama squandering victory in Iraq when he pulled troops out of the country to the mistakes made in Korea in 1953.

Andy Card , former White House Chief of Staff for President Bush, told Brian that he knew after word of the second plane hitting the Word Trade Center that Osama bin Laden was responsible and then whispered in President Bush’s ear that we are under attack. Card said he was and is proud of President Bush for the way he handled the crisis on 9/11. Card said President Bush had the courage to make tough decisions and to admit when he was wrong. Card explained while he did not agree with every decision President Bush made, he did respect all decisions President Bush made. Card ended by saying today is a day of remembrance, reflection and resolve.

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Fox News Channel senior national correspondent, John Roberts, told Brian he was a CBS correspondent 13 years ago on 9/11 and was supposed to be flying on Air Force One with President Bush. Roberts was stunned when he learned that two commercial planes crashed into the World Trade Center. After President Obama’s speech last night on his plan to deal with ISIS, Roberts agrees with Brian that there is a consensus between Republicans & Democrats on how to deal with ISIS.

Former CIA head of the Bin Laden Division, Michael Scheuer, told Brian that thirteen years ago on 9/11 he immediately knew Bin Laden was responsible and felt regret that they didn’t take care of Bin Laden earlier. Scheuer pointed out that the operations against Bin Laden were drastically understaffed before 9/11. Scheuer believes that today we are seeing the evolution of the movement that Bin Laden started, calling ISIS a smarter, better educated and more vicious terror group than Al Qaeda. Scheuer said President Obama does not understand that terrorism is a worldwide war and it is not just confined to Iraq. Scheuer does not think President Obama will do what it takes to eliminate ISIS, adding our military is broken, calling it “an empty sack”, and unless we develop a killer instinct we will not be able to defeat ISIS. When asked about President Obama’s speech last night, Scheuer called it a sad speech designed only to help Obama get through the mid-term elections and called President Obama “a very sad man”. Scheuer argues the only real thing to protect American after 9/11 would have been to secure the borders and put in place a regime that allows immigrants to enter in an orderly manner. Scheuer told Brian the beheadings of 2 American journalists was not a threat to American national security and they died as lures on a hook to draw America into a conflict.

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Former Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, and host of “The Five” on FNC, Dana Perino, joined Brian to break down President Obamas speech last night and reflect on the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11. Dana said she was looking for a broader perspective from President Obama, that we are in a global war on terror, and hopes the president will go it alone against ISIS if we do not get a broad international coalition. Dana feels while Americans did not want American troops to stay in Iraq, they would have accepted a smaller draw down of troops. Dana told Brian she does not have a problem with President Obama saying ISIS does not represent Muslims, and said that ISIS does not represent all Muslims same way the Westboro Baptist Church does not represent all of Christians.

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FNC’s Chief Washington Correspondent, James Rosen, told Brian that most member of congress were satisfied with Obama’s speech but some members want Obama to go before congress for a vote to receive explicit authorization for military action against ISIS. Rosen told Brian he believes President Obama was right saying ISIS speaks for no religion. Rosen ended his time with Brian reflecting on where he was during 9/11 13 years ago.