(AP File Photo)
(AP File Photo)

Another video has surfaced claiming to show the beheading of a second American reporter by ISIS. Its authenticity has not yet been confirmed.

FOX News Radio's Steve Taylor reports from Washington:

Word of the new video comes from ISIS, the terrorist army that executed American journalist James Foley last month. Seen in the Foley video was another hostage, Steven Sotloff. Then, his mother Shirley said,

(Shirley) "We want to see him home safe and sound and to hug him."

A new video allegedly shows Sotloff's execution. White House spokesman Josh Earnest says...

(Earnest) "Our thoughts and prayers first and foremost are with Mr. Sotloff and Mr. Sotloff's family and those who worked with him."

Earnest stresses that he cannot confirm that the video is authentic.

In Washington, Steve Taylor, FOX News Radio.

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