Here’s some career advice for interns.

FOX Business Network’s Cheryl Casone reports in this edition of “Hired!”:

Getting you Hired! Five ways to turn that internship into a job. I’m Cheryl Casone with the FOX Business Network.

  • Interns should request a formal appointment with their supervisor. This is the time to figure out what skills you need to work at this company, and also to talk about future career plans. Impress them now.
  • Ask for a written recommendation that you can keep. If the internship company isn’t hiring, give them a detailed list of what you’ve done this summer, and make sure they put it on letterhead in digital or paper format.
  • Send thank you notes. We know the younger generation doesn’t hand write notes anymore, so be unique, and send them a hand-written thank you on paper.
  • Write a list of internship accomplishments and skills learned. Update that resume ASAP because you never know when a connection at your current company can lead to another company’s doorstep.
  • Finally, stay in touch. Your supervisor, fellow interns, and anyone that is a decision making individual at that company. A job may not be open now, but it could open tomorrow!

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I’m Cheryl Casone with the FOX Business Network for FOX News Radio.

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