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New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about Hillary Clinton distancing herself from President Obama explaining that she wanted to arm the Syrian rebels to his objections and that it caused the spread of ISIS out or Syria and into Iraq.  She also told The Atlantic in an interview that the United States needs to take a more active role in world problems and show our strength.  Michael explained that she always was a "hawk" in the President's administration and that coming out during his term is very telling.


Lt. Colonel OLIVER NORTH (Retired) told Brian that it actually may not be true that the administration is actually arming the Kurds and if there are weapons going in it is to the Iraqi government only.  Lt. Col. North called what ISIS is doing to the Kurds is genocide and this inept administration is not doing enough to help them.  He also called ISIS a threat to the United States right now.  In order to defeat ISIS we will have to put American boots on the ground, airstrikes can only do so much.


Former vice Chief of Staff of the Army GENERAL JACK KEANE (Retired 4-star General) explained that defending the Kurds is a good decision but it is so limited and defensive that it does nothing to take away the initiative and the freedom of movement ISIS has.  With just defensive airstrikes we will not be able to stop them from attacking where ever we don't strike.  The General believes we need to have a more offensive air campaign to take them out.  Unfortunately, the only way we can defeat ISIS is with boots on the ground supported by air strikes.


Fox Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY wondered why the administration hasn't done more than just airstrikes since many top retired generals and military people say that we need to do more.  Ed also said that if the President takes credit for stopping genocide in Iraq and saving 30,000 people, he must take the blame for the 170,000 killed in Syria since his inaction.

Fox Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN weighed in on Iraq, President Obama's NY Times interview and Hillary's The Atlantic magazine interview.