Need a job but don't know where to look?... We've got options!

FOX Business Network's Tracy Byrnes reports in this edition of "Hired!":

Getting you Hired! I'm Tracy Byrnes with the FOX Business Network, in for Cheryl Casone.

So, Hyatt is not only a great place to stay, you can work there and get discounts on rooms and food. The hotel chain currently has 840 positions that are full time with another 180 part time and seasonal jobs open. 

Fairway Market is a high growth grocery chain that started out as a fruit and vegetable stand in New York back in 1933.  They have 100 openings now but expect to open several new stores, each store creating 100 jobs.

Which Wich? is a national sandwich franchise that Forbes called one of the best deals if you are going to buy a franchise. It's customizable sandwiches, and they are looking to hire anywhere from one to two thousand folks over the next two years or so. 

And finally, Sealed Air Corporation is the maker of bubble wrap and other protective types of packaging. Well, they are based in New Jersey, and the average salary is $119,000 a year. They are currently hiring in Charlotte, North Carolina, and eventually will transfer their corporate base to that state. 

I'm Tracy Byrnes with the FOX Business Network for FOX News Radio.


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