(AP Photo / U.S. Army)
(AP Photo / U.S. Army)

The Taliban is praising the latest insider attack in Afghanistan, that claimed the life of Major General Harold Greene.

Fox News Radio's Kimberly Adams reports.

An Afghan soldier going by just one name-- Rafiqullah, is allegedly behind the shooting.

The young man joined the Afghan army two years ago.

He had just come back from a patrol, but didn't return his NATO-issued assault rifle.

He instead hid out in a bathroom before attacking the group of foreign and Afghan service members.

Officials say he killed Major-General Greene and injured 15 others-- about half of them Americans-- before being shot and killed himself.

Kimberly Adams, FOX News Radio.

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(AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

A U.S. General Officer was killed Tuesday in an attack at an Afghan military base by a man dressed in an Afghan army uniform. At least 15 other people were wounded.

FOX News Radio's Kimberly Adams has details: 


Afghanistan's Defense Ministry is calling the shooter at an officer training camp a "terrorist in an army uniform".

He opened fire at the camp west of Kabul, killing the highest ranking U.S. soldier to die in the almost 13 years America has been at war there. Of the 15 injured, at least half are American and one is a German Brigadier General.

Most foreign troops are set to leave Afghanistan at the end of this year. So-called "insider attacks" have declined since their peak in 2012.

Kimberly Adams, FOX News Radio.