VIRAL VIDEOS: Old Man Dancing – Forever Young

(YouTube / atsuhiko takahashi)
(YouTube / atsuhiko takahashi)

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Never Stop Dancing – Old Man Dance.”

It’s the feel good video that’s invading Facebook walls everywhere.  The clip shows an elderly man at a party, tossing not one but two canes to the ground in order to get his groove on.  Dancing to 50’s rock songs, the seemingly frail man has some serious moves, impressing fellow partygoers.  Originating out of Peru, the original video is called “Eternamente Joven,” which appropriately translates to “Forever Young.”

Then, there’s this:

“Guilty Dog Apologies Baby for Stealing Toy.”

Clocking a ten on the adorable meter is this next clip that shows a precious beagle named Charlie stealing a fluffy rattle from a baby girl.  What’s next, candy?  The kid’s reaction is priceless though… As if on cue, the infant looks directly at the camera in disbelief before crying her eyes out.  But, the pup tries to make it up to his little best friend by bringing her an assortment of other toys… like his drooled on tennis ball and the very age appropriate video game controller.  By the end of the clip, the newborn is covered from head to toe with toys in her baby carrier, bringing new meaning to the phrase “puppy love.”

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“DJ Ravish Awesome Tribute to Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk Facebook.”

Band geeks – prepare to get your nerd on.  With over 1,400,000 Facebook shares – this trending video shows a marching band paying tribute to Michael Jackson by recreating his iconic moonwalk on a football field.  The band is playing a medley of Jackson’s greatest hits and assumes a formation that actually resembles the King of Pop, white glove and all.  With some carefully choreographed foot work, the group of musicians move as one performing the famous dance move while playing “Billie Jean.”

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