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Former Congressman (R-FL) and Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) responded to the news that 2 more Ukraine jets were shot down by Russian rebels in Ukraine. The Lt. Col. explained that we need to look at tough actions to make Putin an international pariah. He also said that Putin feels he is the world's top dog and we need to look to develop better military cooperation with the Balkan countries to send him a message. Without American leadership Europe doesn't know how to act against Russia because they have been under our protection for so long. Lt. Col. West also weighed in on the Middle East where we have to condemn Hamas and to put a stop to ISIS we need to by-pass the Iraqi government and just bomb ISIS. We also, ultimately have to form a Kurdish state.


Former Indiana Congressman (D) and Vice Chair of the 9/11 Commission LEE HAMILTON talked about the changes in terror since the original report came out 10 years ago. One of the big changes is the number of Al-Qaeda affiliates that have sprung up and populated the globe. Congressman Hamilton explained that we have been successful in thwarting most attempted attacks since the 9/11 attack. On the NSA Congressman Hamilton believes that they need to have the power that they have but they need rigorous oversight by Congress and the courts because the legislative branch overlooking it alone is not enough. Oversight of the NSA is important because once power is given to the government it is very rarely relinquished.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. JOHN BOLTON discussed how Putin's actions show you what he thinks about Obama. Putin is not afraid of being isolated from the rest of the world because he sees the US's actions do not meet the rhetoric. Ambassador Bolton agreed with Brian that Israel has to continue the destruction of the tunnels in Gaza and the area needs to be demilitarized. He also explained that Iran is giving missiles to Hamas to keep Israel from defending themselves against the Iranian nuclear program. The Ambassador also touched on Iraq and believes that the government there may be hopelessly broken and can't be fixed. He also called Secretary Kerry delusional in his belief that the administration has gotten Iran to back off its nuclear program.

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America's Newsroom co-hosts MARTHA MACCALLUM and BILL HEMMER dropped by and touched on the survey saying that most kids don't play sports to win but for fun, the rumor that Chuck Todd is taking over for Dick Gregory on "Meet the Press", Martha's trip to Ireland and much more.