FOX Wheels: Most Powerful Muscle Car Ever?

(PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC)
(PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC)
(PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC)

Crooks are finding new ways to make used cars look like they aren’t “too” used, a four-wheeled fast cat.

FOX News Radio’s Jennifer Keiper with our weekly look at things with wheels in “FOX Wheels”:

It’s FOX Wheels.

Ryann Wait wanted a low mileage car and bought a used PT Cruiser…

(Wait) “The radiator went out, the heat and the air didn’t work. It all adds up to almost $1,900.”

The 100,000 miles she thought she had was almost double that.

Minnesota State Police Lt. Ryan Carrol says scammers are finding gadgets to reprogram electronic odometers – or – they’re putting entire low mileage control panels in cars with high miles.

(Carrol) “It’s as simple as doing an internet search to find the right one and then having it shipped to wherever you’d like it.”

Protect yourself by doing your own car history check and having your own mechanic inspect the vehicle.


(PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC)
(PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC)

Dodge says it has the most powerful muscle car – ever – coming out this fall.

The 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat has 707 horsepower.

No word yet on price.


Is it “porsh” Or “porsh-uh”?

Here’s how they promote one of their products…

(Commercial) “The new Porsche 911 Targa.”

Steve Shannon says, for those who aren’t sure how to say his company’s name…

(Shannon) ”It’s Hyundai like Sunday.”

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