Congressman Robert Pittenger ( R-NC ), Chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism, called into the show and discussed the lack of leadership coming from President Obama over the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner that crashed in eastern Ukraine. Pittenger told Brian that Obama has created a vacuum of leadership. Pittenger explained that the reason European leaders have not put pressure on Russia for a peaceful resolution in Ukraine is because European nations have become too dependent on Russia for natural gas. When asked about why there is not more pressure from democrats on Obama to be stronger with Russia, Pittenger said unfortunately democrats do not want to rock the cradle. Pittenger told Brian that Obama has given every indication to Putin that he will be passive and not lead with strength.

Listen here for Brian's full interview with Congressman Pittenger

Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace joined Brian and spoke about President Obamas handling of the Russia/Ukraine crisis. Wallace called Obama far too weak and far too incremental in putting pressure on Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. Wallace also pointed out that European leaders are at fault as well. Wallace told Brian that Reagan waited 4 days back in 1983 after they shot down flight 007, and that we should wait and give Obama a chance to see how he will respond.


Governor Mike Huckabee joined Brian in studio and talked about President Obama's lack of leadership in dealing with Russia and Ukraine. Huckabee said that Obama must be strong and clear and let Russia and the world know that civilian airlines will not be shot down. Kilmeade and Huckabee both agreed that real leadership includes bringing together both democrats and republicans to have a united front against Russia's actions. Huckabee stated that Russia is not that strong of a nation but is acting as if they are. Huckabee said if we would turn lose our energy supplies and export them to other European nations it will cripple Russia economically and their influence will be diminished in Europe.

Turning to the 2014 mid-term elections, Brian and the Governor agreed that it is not a guarantee that Republicans will take over the senate. Huckabee said that the big problem in the Republican party is National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). Huckabee explained the reality of the situation is that the committee will make a lot of money whether they win or lose. Huckabee pointed out that the NRSC consultants are driving the campaigns and not letting the candidates drive their own campaign. Huckabee said many races are lost because republicans are not listening to their constituents .

Watch here for Brian's interview with Governor Huckabee
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After stroking Brian's ego about his high levels of on-air endurance, FOX's Chris Stirewalt previewed what President Obama might say today about the Malaysian airline that was shot down over Ukraine. Stirewalt said Obama doesn't need to return to the White House every time there is trouble but added that Obama shouldn't be making "ham and egg" comments at fundraiser events. He should at least try to make Vladimir Putin and the world know that he is angry.


FOX's Leland Vittert joined Brian with the latest details on the Malaysian Plane that was shot down and crashed in eastern Ukraine. Vittert explained that the Ukrainians need more diplomatic backing and strong leadership from President Obama. Vittert said that the shooting of the Malaysian plane is a game changer in the ongoing Russia/Ukraine crisis.

Steve Costello, executive vice president at Steiner Sports and author of My Father Never Took Me to A Baseball Game, joined Brian in studio to end the show. Brian and Steve spoke about Derek Jeter's final all-star game and agreed that Jeter has earned the respect from his peers for being both professional and very approachable. The two also talked about the amazing season Peyton Manning had in the NFL with the Denver Broncos.