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An Egyptian plan to stop the rocket exchange between Israel and Hamas seems to be falling apart. With no cease-fire in sight, residents on both sides of the conflict still face the threat of incoming rockets. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will exert "great force" against Hamas after it rejected the truce.

FOX News Radio's Kimberly Adams reports:

The dozens of rockets Hamas fires into Israel set off warning sirens and sent residents running to bomb shelters. Few of the rockets actually hit, though, intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System. Most of the physical damage from this round of the conflict is in Gaza.

With limited options for shelter in the tightly packed enclave, civilians have been dying by the dozens as Israel targets Hamas fighters embedded in residential areas. The UN says more than 940 homes have been destroyed. The Red Cross also warned that hundreds of thousands are without water due to Israeli strikes damaging the water and sewer system.

Kimberly Adams, Fox News Radio.