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Evasive driving can be a good thing. Plus, give your bike a boost and cut the sweat when going uphill.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper with our weekly look at things with wheels in "FOX Wheels":

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Larry Yatch with a Minneapolis-area company called "Sealed Mindset" teaches drivers how to avoid everything from carjackings to deer.

In a decision-making drill on a closed course, the former Navy Seal holds a piece of cardboard in front of the driver's face...

(Yatch) "It's your job to miss the targets without hitting the brake."

He says the trick is to look at the open space -- not the target...

(Yatch) "Our hands will automatically put the car where we're looking."

When it comes to keeping someone from hurting you, say, in a carjacking...

(Yatch) "You've been conditioned your entire life not to damage the car. It won't be natural for you to ram their car out of the way."

Yatch will teach you how to do it the right way... The evasive driving course is a six-hour commitment.


What if you could build up energy while biking on flat surfaces and have that energy kick in when you're going uphill?

MIT researchers say you can do it with their "Copenhagen Wheel".

For about $800, the red device on the back tire of your bike turns it into an electric hybrid.

With FOX Wheels, I'm Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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