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Rockets were fired at Tel Aviv Thursday and intercepted over the city by the Iron Dome missile defense system, but for many in Israel, life must still go on despite rocket attacks.

But FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports from Tel Aviv: 

Here in this neighborhood of Tel Aviv, lots of people are gathered around this gas station where some of the debris from the rocket that was intercepted the Iron Dome missile defense system over this city has landed. But Menachem, the boss, was more annoyed at losing business than the piece of rocket lying next to the pumps.

(Menachem) "These people are disturbing me more than the missile because I can't walk, you see? Quietly to the bombshell, back and that's all. Nothing happened, we are not afraid."

With over 80 Palestinians killed in Gaza, some wrote on social networking sites -- 'oh no get a broom' -- in mock horror. I asked Ronen who lives across the street how he felt about that:

(Ronen) "Yeah you always have to think about the other side. Ultimately I think something has to be done. There are rockets being sent in here. I mean, this just landed a few meters from my home."

In Tel Aviv, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

Earlier this week, FOX News Radio's Emily Wither spent the day in the town Sderot, about a mile from Gaza, where many feel that mistakes were made in the last operation in 2012:

This company is Sderot is called Best Sellers. It employs about 20 people and it's still open today with employees here working the phones selling life insurance, mortgages and tax refunds. But Rami, who runs the company, tells me not everyone came in today.

(Rami) "Two people didn't come today and yesterday also three people didn't come and one of them is pregnant and she is very afraid."

Rami is also a former soldier. He was called up as part of the Reservists in 2012. He was on standby to go in on the ground, but the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never gave the order. He says that if he had, they wouldn't be back here today.

(Rami) "Bibi Netanyahu eventually don't let us get in. Say, 'stay, stay, stay, stay, back up'. If we two years ago, get into Gaza and do the operation I believe now the Hamas was afraid."

In Southern Israel, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.