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National Security reporter for The Daily Beast ELI LAKE was on to talk about why the U.S. government should not have been surprised by the rise of ISIS in Iraq. He explained that the administration wanted to get out of Iraq and that is what led to us not leaving a force to help protect the new government.

Fox News Contributor and author of Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women KATIE PAVLICH was on to talk about her book, immigration and the problems in Iraq.


Terror expert and author of Act of War BRAD THOR talked about there not being a concerted effort by Muslims to end terrorism. The fact that Islam has never had a reformation is why they have so much violence. Brad explained that there is no leadership in our government and because they are worried about "fumbling" the issue they just try to stay out of it.


Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute ARTHUR HERMAN talked about the problems in the Middle East and explained that the media has kind of groomed us to believe that peace and democracy will never take place in the Middle East. Dr. Herman explained that there was a tense but useful peace and democracy in Iraq when Bush left office and unfortunately President Obama has let the fledgling democracy fail and crumble. He also explained that if we don't put a stop to the Iranian nuclear program there will be a race between nations for nuclear supremacy in the Middle East. He also believes that The Saudi's are actually behind the curtain and pulling the strings of ISIS. This is the beginning of WWI the Middle East version.



Fox News Contributor Dr. KEITH ABLOW explained that President Obama is anti-American and used Americans self-hatred to get voted in.

The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson host, GRETCHEN CARLSON and Brian talked about vacationing together with their families last week. They then segued into Gretchen's movie "Persecuted" which premieres July 18th. Gretchen and Brian also jumped into the immigration problem and Iran.

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