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What exactly is American when it comes to 4-wheels?

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper with our weekly look at things with wheels in "FOX Wheels":

It's FOX Wheels.

When you think red, white and blue and muscle on wheels -- you probably think truck.

The F-150 pickup truck tops this year's cars.com's "Most American-Made" vehicles list.

They look for...

(Olsen) "The percentage of domestic parts in a car. To make our list, a car or truck has to be at least 75% domestic. Secondly, we look at the point of assembly. It has to be in the United States."

So the F-150 is tops, but Toyota and Honda in 2nd through 6th place?

Patrick Olsen is with cars.com...

(Olsen) "Virtually every new Camry sold in the U.S. is built in the U.S. Honda builds more cars, now, in the U.S. than Honda builds in Japan."

Rounding out the list: The Corvette Stingray, Honda Ridgeline and Crosstour and the Dodge SRT Viper.


George Tally has had four Corvettes.

The '79 model was his favorite, but it was stolen 33 years ago. It was recently found at a Mississippi police station. No details.

With shipping help from GM, Tally's baby is back in the Motor City. The 71-year-old says...

(Tally) "To get it back it's a blessing."

With FOX Wheels, I'm Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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