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The NY Post’s Michael Goodwin joined Brian and talked about his latest column, Obama is Paying the Price for Insisting Only He Knows What’s Rightwhere he warns that Obama is flirting with disaster.  On immigration, Goodwin thinks the administration is just exhibiting phony compassion when they say we have to what is right for the children.  To act as if America has to have compassion by taking care of these children is ludicrous.  Goodwin also believes Obama will suffer no repercussions for going to a fundraiser instead of to the boarder.



Fox’s ED HENRY updated Brian on President Obama’s schedule, specifically on how, at the moment, POTUS has no plans to go to the border.  Ed talked about how there are mixed messages coming out of this administration on the issue of immigration and said regardless of who is wrong or right, something has to be done with these children sitting at the border without parents.


Historian VICTOR DAVIS HANSON joined Brian and talked about his recent piece and how we let Iraq fall apart.  Listen to full interview here!


BRET BAIER, author of Special Heart & anchor of Special Report, joined Brian for his weekly hit.  Brian asked Bret if he thinks the Administration sees a political advantage in having a flood of illegals come over the border to which Bret answered, “Definitely!”  Bret went onto explain how the Administration is using this issue as a political hammer on House Republicans for not moving forward with comprehensive immigration reform.


With a little help from his friend, JAMES ROSEN, took Brian on a little tour of the Middle East.  From the latest happenings in Israel & Palestine to al-Baghdadi speaking in Iraq, Brian and James covered it all!  On Baghdadi, Rosen pointed out the head of ISIS only decided to release his first video sermon roughly a week after Rosen’s exchange with Secretary Kerry, in Iraq, about al-Baghdadi.  Coincidence?!  Rosen thinks NOT!


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