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GM dangles some goodies in front of dealers to get them to 'speed it up', so to speak and there's one more state cracking down on drivers smoking around children.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper with our weekly look at things with wheels in "FOX Wheels":

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It took GM at least 10 years to launch a recall for a faulty ignition switch. Now, the company wants dealers to do as many repairs as possible in less than 10 months. The clock is ticking on incentives corporate is offering to dealers-- like credit to an online gift shop.

CEO Mary Barra recently told lawmakers--

Barra: "We've produced and shipped over 400,000 parts. The challenge is getting the customer to get the vehicle repaired."

To get incentives, dealers have to finish 90% of repairs by July 7th.


Ford CEO Alan Mulally lets Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields sit in the driver's seat. Mulally says he was questioned when he took out huge loans just before the recession hit, but--

Mulally: "Not only did we invest in new cars and trucks, but we actually did it our way."

Which Mulally says was to not go through bankruptcy and take a bailout like GM and Chrysler.


Put the cigarette down.

Vermont, this week, becomes the seventh state to outlaw smoking in cars with young children. Get caught smoking at the wheel and you'll be fined up to $100 bucks.

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