FOX Country: ‘American Kids’ Is A Hit For Kenny Chesney


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In this FOX Country podcast: Kenny Chesney’s back to prove he’s the king of the summertime songs and don’t mess with Miranda Lambert.

FOX News Radio Entertainment Correspondent, Michelle Pollino has the scoop on the Country music stars making headlines this week:

FOX Country. I’m Michelle Pollino.

‘American Kids’ is the song Kenny Chesney fans have wanted for several years and critics are saying it’s his best party song since ‘Summertime’ in 2006.

Chesney: “Growin’ up in little pink houses…” (song)

Rolling Stone is calling the song — “a flavorful mix of imagery and nostalgia wrapped up efficiently with a Jesus bow”.

Chesney: “A little messed up, but we’re all alright…” (song)

Listen to the full song below:


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Blake Shelton confirmed “Don’t mess with Miranda”

Lambert: “I got a real good feeling something bad’s about to happen…” (song)

Citing an incident where Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger wanted to take a pic with Lambert. When she refused, he used the ‘B’ word in a reference towards her and well, that’s when the punch flew into his face. Luckily, Blake intervened.

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