This week our look at the job market focuses on internships.

FOX Business Network’s Cheryl Casone reports in “Hired!”:

Getting you “Hired”! I’m Cheryl Casone with the FOX Business Network.

There are an estimated 1.5 million internships presented each year, and at least one million undergrads will take an¬†internship. Here are some internship do’s and don’t’s to get you eventually hired.

  • Don’t complain! It’s okay if you don’t like the internship, but only let close family and friends know. You may get coffee and make copies all day, but you will need that reference at some point. It’s all about the resume.
  • Don’t dress down or inappropriately. Your first impression has a lot to do with your clothes. It’s better to overdress than under-dress.
  • Don’t say no! Hopefully at the end of the internship, you’re gonna get hired, but you have to stand out, and that means going the extra mile. Take any and all extra work opportunities.
  • Finally, don’t forget your phone etiquette. Twenty-somethings don’t know what life was like without mobile devices and computers. Business gets done over the phone. Make sure you not only answer the phone, but get all the information needed for your boss or superior, they will appreciate your thoroughness.

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