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Lt. Col. Allen West joined Brian for his normal Wednesday spot on Kilmeade & Friends. West agrees with Dick Cheney's assessment on Iraq, that the terrorists are on the move in the Middle East and if we do not take action we will see another 9/11. West said the terrorists want a borderless region in the Middle East. West added we need to support our allies who supported the surge in Iraq. West told Brian that General David Petraeus would make a big difference if Obama brings him back to fix the instability in Iraq. West said first thing he would do is strike ISIS, deny them sanctuary and make sure we have good relations with our Kurdish friends in Northern Iraq.

Turning to last night's Mississippi GOP Senate runoff where Thad Cochran defeated Tea Party-backed challenger Chris McDaniel, West said despite Cochran's win we need to have fresh faces with fresh ideas instead of the establishment political elite who have been representing the republican party for too long.

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Tony Meola, former American soccer goalie and Hall Of Famer joined Brian in studio. Meola and Brian discussed Luis Suárez biting an Italian player. Meola thinks that Luis Suárez is done for the tournament given his history of biting. Turning to Team USA's last second tie over the weekend, Meola was surprised and thought team USA was ready to officially advance to the next round. Meola is still amazed at Portuguese player Ronaldo's ability after all these years. Meola previewed Team USA's game tomorrow against Germany. Meola told Brian when he played for Team USA back in '94 it was tough to get fan support in America but today the support from Americans for team USA is amazing. Meola and Brian agreed that it is so much fun watching the passion and patriotism from soccer fans during the World Cup.

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FOX's Mike Emanuel joined Brian to talk about the IRS hearings. Emanuel said that the U.S Archivist David Ferriero told Congress yesterday the IRS did not follow the law when they did not inform the Archivist that there were missing e-mails pertaining to Lois Lerner and the targeting investigation. Emanuel and Brian discussed the partisan divide at the hearings with republicans pressing to get to the bottom of any cover-ups and how democrats are just doing damage control. Brian did note that Rep Steve Lynch (D-MA) & Sen Claire McCaskill (D-MO) are the exceptions because they have been critical of IRS commissioner John Koskinen's arrogance while testifying.

Turning to Iraq, Emanuel said he has spoken to members of congress who are alarmed by the terrorists marching through Iraq and the ramifications it will have throughout the Middle East. The members of congress told Emanuel that their feeling is we need to act sooner rather than later.

Steve Moore, The Heritage Foundation's Chief Economist joined Brian in studio to discuss the US economy shrinking at a 2.9 percent rate in the first quarter. Moore said this is proof that we are not in an economic recovery. Moore said if we had Reagan's economy we would be in much better shape. Moore thinks that we will be stuck in this sluggish economy for some time to come. Moore said Obama is more focused on climate change than he is on the economy.

Turning to Hillary Clinton's recent claim that she was dead broke after leaving the White House in 2001, Brian and Moore were baffled at the Clintons trying to claim they are not rich and are in touch with regular people.

On the IRS, Steve Moore said people should be arrested for their role in the cover-up of targeting conservative groups.

Phil Simms, legendary NY Giants QB and broadcaster, dropped by the studio to end the second hour. Phil explained to Brian that he almost signed with the Cleveland Browns after being cut by the Giants but the Browns didn't put the contract in front of him. Then Phil and Brian had some fun discussing Terry Bradshaw's recent appearance on Outnumbered where he talked about how great women look in high heels.

Phil Simms discussed being a survivor of melanoma and since his diagnosis he has paired up with the American Dermatology Association to urge men to get screened. Phil talked about being a part of a new campaign called "Spot me" to educate and encourage men to get skin cancer screenings. Simms asked listeners to learn more and visit

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Bill Hemmer & Martha MacCallum dropped by for their usual Wednesday fun-filled session with Brian. Brian, Bill and Martha started off talking about the World Cup. Bill and Martha told Brian they are excited to see team USA take on Germany and hopefully advance to the next round of the World Cup. Bill and Martha even invited Brian to watch USA face off against Germany with them tomorrow after the show.

On the IRS, Bill and Martha said they are surprised more people are not paying attention to the IRS hearings. Brian, Bill and Martha talked about the stunning lack of coverage by the media on the IRS scandal.

Turning to Iraq, Bill and Martha do not think there will air strikes ordered anytime soon, at least until more intelligence is gathered.

Ending where it all began, the trio talked about the World Cup. Bill and Martha confessed they did not watch team USA's last match this past Sunday. Bill and Martha needed Brian to explain some of the rules of World Cup play. When asked by Bill and Martha for a prediction on tomorrows match between the USA v Germany, Brian predicted it will end in a tie.