ANDY LEVY: Why the Open for “Red Eye” is The Proper Way to Tease a Show; JESSE WATERS: On Being the “Bro-iest” Guys on Cable and What Al Gore Blames for the Chaos in Syria.


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“Fox and Friends” co-host STEVE DOOCY dropped in and talked about how our government is wasting time going after the Redskins, Dr. Oz and E-cigarettes rather than doing the jobs of the people and fixing the VA, the IRS and the economy. Brian and Steve also touched on the IRS and Steve explained that this was a willful destruction and people should be in prison.



“Fox News Sunday” host CHRIS WALLACE talked about whether President Obama has the right to take action in Iraq without getting Congress’ approval. Chris went on to agree that Iraq has split into 3 different factions and like retired General Petraeus said, the United States cannot be the air force for the Sunnis.


Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.” host STUART VARNEY dropped by and bashed Senator Jay Rockefeller for attacking the CEO of E-Cigarettes for exploiting the public and just wanting to make money. On Dr. Oz going in front of Congress and being bashed for what he does actually agreed with congress.


“O’Reilly Factor” correspondent JESSE WATTERS stopped in and talked about some of the weirdest news stories like Al Gore blaming climate change for the unrest in Syria. Brian and Jesse also talked about Bergdahl, Iraq and President Obama having a meeting with congressional leaders to let them know he’s not going to do anything but if he does he doesn’t need their permission.


“Red Eye” co-host ANDY LEVY dropped by and touched on the Redskins name fiasco saying that the federal government should stay out of it but the team should change their name, and that the IRS losing e-mails is just a mess. Andy explains why only “Red Eye” does the proper show open and gives Brian tips for being a co-host on “The Five”.