VIRAL VIDEOS: Puppy Refuses to Get Out of Bed

(YouTube/ Ray Prevo)
(YouTube/ Ray Prevo)

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook:

“Great Dane Puppy at 3:30am Talking.”

Anyone who’s ever been forced out of bed will appreciate this trending video of a sleepy puppy named Thor who refuses to rise and shine at the unholy hour of 3:30am.  Desperately looking for the snooze button on his master, Thor lethargically rolls around his owners’ bed, whining at his repeated requests to start the day.  At one point, the tired pooch lets out a sleepy whimper that actually sounds like the word, “no.”

Then, there’s this:

“GoPro – Full Wash Cycle in a Dishwasher.”

This trending footage boldly goes where no GoPro camera has gone before… inside a wash and rinse cycle of a dishwasher. We can all sleep easier… well, all of us except for Thor… now that we can see how those mysterious devices clean our plates and silverware.

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Michael Jackson on Beer Bottles.”

The King of Pop is probably moonwalking over in his grave.  A musical group called the Bottle Boys recreate the Grammy-award winning song “Billie Jean” on a bunch of empty beer bottles, in a church no less.  Using a new technique called “double bottle playing,” the group puts a spirited touch on the classic song, while showcasing the many, varied benefits of recycling.

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