(AP Photo Mark Stah)
(AP Photo Mark Stah)

Automakers are issuing more recalls these days and Indianapolis goes green by going blue.

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After years of allegedly avoiding recalls-- GM is now taking a different route, even claiming that recalls are a good thing.

James Bell is the head of Consumer Affairs at GM--

(Bell) "Recall has traditionally been a bad word, but when you look deeper into a lot of the recalls, not just from General Motors but from other manufacturers, I wouldn't say they're on minor issues, but they're very anticipatory much more than reactionary."

Bell says what might have once been an 'advisory' for say, a corrosion issue, is now officially a recall--

(Bell) "Because, we're treating this whole focus on the customer in a much different light."

Plus, the Government has been cracking down on automakers-- a $35 million dollar fine for GM and its delayed ignition switch recall and over $1 billion dollars for Toyota's handling of unintended acceleration reports.

(AP Photo / Rick Callahan)
(AP Photo / Rick Callahan)

Have an errand to run in Indianapolis? A French company called Bolloré will make its Bluecars available there, later this year. You'll be able to rent a car at a kiosk and recharge it at any of 25 charging stations.

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