David Ignatius, columnist for the Washington Post , a Harvard Kennedy School fellow and author of eight espionage thrillers including his latest book The Director, joined Brian in studio for an extended interview. They opened with talking about the latest on the VA scandal. David Ignatius said Shinseki should go. Ignatius believes Obama must hold people accountable.

Next Up, Brian and David spoke about Edward Snowden. David said he cannot call Snowden a hero but did add that there are some things Snowden revealed that are good, including revealing the NSA accumulating phone meta data.  However, he believes Snowden has done a lot of damage overall. Brian then changed course to discuss David Ignatius's new book The Director. David explained his novels are based on ideas that could plausibly happen.  Ignatius also revealed he has sold the movie rights for The Director.

Ignatius then told Brian about his role with the German Marshall Fund's panel discussion between former Saudi head of intelligence and a former Israeli head of military intelligence. David explained that the panel discussion had a prominent Saudi and prominent Israeli discussing their common interests which includes having to deal with Iran. Ignatius told Brian that we are on the right track in the negations with Iran.

Finally Brian and David spoke about Obama's announcement of removing troops from Afghanistan and Benghazi.  On Afghanistan, Ignatius doesn't like the fact Obama announced an end date for removing troops. On Benghazi, Ignatius doesn't see a conspiracy with how Obama and Hillary handled the attack.  His problem is Obama had been saying that Al Qaeda was on the run and not a threat anymore.

Watch the Ignatius Interview here:
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HOUR 2 Michael Mukasey, former Attorney General of the United States, joined Brian to open the second hour of the show. Brian and A.G. Mukasey opened the interview talking about the V.A. waiting list scandal. Mukasey told Brian that the public integrity department in the DOJ should be looking into the V.A. scandal. On Edward Snowden, Mukasey said Snowden is not the person who should be making the decision on whether or not the government is overstepping their authority spying on Americans. Mukasey told Brian if Snowden wants to come back then all he has to do is just come back. Mukasey was adamant that we should not negotiate with Snowden to make a deal to bring him back.

Chris Stirewalt, Digital Politics Editor for Fox News Channel joined Brian to wrap up the second hour. Stirewalt and Brian spoke about Hillary Clintons upcoming book, specifically the Benghazi chapter. Stirewalt was surprised at how Hillary seems to be playing the "victim card" over what happened in Benghazi. Stirewalt said people sometimes forget that at the end of the day Hillary is a politician. Plus, Brian and Stirewalt spoke about Eric Shinseki and the V.A. scandal. Stirewalt said the real question he has is if the White House is coordinating with other democrats in calling for the firing of Shinseki. On Edward Snowden's interview with Brian Williams Stirewalt told Brian, "I could care less"

HOUR 3 **BREAKING NEWS--OBAMA ACCEPTED GENERAL SHINSEKI'S RESIGNATION** Joe Concha, Mediate Contributor, was in studio and spoke about the breaking news of General Shinseki resigning from running the V.A. Concha agrees with Brian that Obama should have fired Shinseki and that would make Obama look like a strong leader. Concha said without Congress and the Senate, Obama is a powerless president. On Snowmen's interview with Brian Williams Concha said he was surprised that the ratings weren't stronger.