HOUR 1 Former Ambassador JOHN BOLTON explained that Iran was able to get onto the United Nation's Council on Human Rights because the United States brought them into the mainstream with our nuclear deal. Ambassador Bolton also told us that our foreign policy has weakened us throughout the world. On Hillary Clinton's possible 2016 run says that she is tied to President Obama's foreign policy, and has to find a way to distance herself which may not be possible.

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"Fox and Friends First" co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT stopped by with more stories that she believes Brian's listeners need to hear about. They included Michael Phelps losing his first competition back from retirement, 5 former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders (the Jills) filed a lawsuit against the team for harassment, a principal banned from giving his students Mountain Dew and more.

HOUR 2 Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush KARL ROVE talked about Speaker Boehner mocking Republicans who don't want to take on immigration reform. Mr. Rove explained that he's right they just don't want to deal with it because it is a hot topic they don't want to take on during an election year. He also explained that Putin looks at President Obama and sees a man who wants to have a good and peaceful relationship with Russia and sees it as a weakness and feels he can walk all over him.

Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in and talked about Ukraine and "the promise of the #", "#diplomacy" and how it has made the administration look foolish.

HOUR 3 Journalist and Manhattan Institute Scholar JUDITH MILLER talked about Iran getting a seat at the UN's Council on Civil Rights and how they can continue to advance their own agenda from the council. Judith also talked about Ukraine and the possibility of an upcoming Russian invasion that may happen sooner than later.

Democratic strategist JOE TRIPPI talked with Brian about rancher Cliven Bundy and expressed that even if you defended him in his battle against the federal government, you can distance yourself as long as you denounce his racist rants.

Fox News Channel movie critic KEVIN MCCARTHY talked about this weekend's newest movies including "Draft Day", "Heaven is for Real" and "The Other Woman."