Listen here for the Kilmeade Sound Medley of the day

HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about the Washington Post winning a Pulitzer for publishing Edward Snowden's stolen NSA documents. He couldn't understand how they deserved the award and said that it sets a dangerous precedent.

HOUR 2 Fox's Chief White House Correspondent ED HENRY talked about President Obama traveling to Asia to visit with leaders of Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines to allay fears. On the Keystone pipeline Ed believes that President Obama is just punting the issue until after the midterm elections because of Democrats who told him they can win their seats back if he doesn't allow it to pass. Ed also explained that President Obama's Middle Eastern policy is in grave trouble.

Republican strategist and political analyst ED ROLLINS talked about the Democratic strategy to pit the rich against the poor in the midterm elections. Although it worked in the 2012 Presidential election because Mitt Romney was the perfect opponent and did not defend himself, it will not work now because Americans are not an envious people and the GOP will be better prepared to defend and explain.

HOUR 3 New York Times White House correspondent and author of "Days of Fire: Bush and the Cheney in the White House" PETER BAKER talked about how President Obama and the administration is trying to make Russia into a pariah state. They want to keep the EU and China away from them as much as possible and the biggest internal debate is how tough a stance we should take against Russia since we do have some important business with them and it could ruin the world economy.

Fox Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN talked about how Democrats are trying to convince the American public that the Keystone pipeline is not about politics. However, by extending the period of public comment indefinitely, it means the administration can push this off until after the midterm elections. On Russia, James explained that the administration has taken a stance of containment, just like we had during the Cold War.

Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel DON ARIAS called in to talk about trying to follow through on the Gitmo trials against the 9/11 masterminds. The defense attorneys are trying to discredit the military tribunals because the administration is upset that they lost their case to have these trials take place in federal court.