(Courtesy: myFOXdfw)
(Courtesy: myFOXdfw)

A criminal defense attorney in Texas is trying to get a judge thrown off a case -- because she won't let him in her court.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reports:

James Lee Bright represents a man getting a weapons charge dismissed. However:

(Bright) "She refused to allow us to have our client even brought out."

The judge wouldn't allow Bright in the Dallas County Court Friday or Monday because he was wearing shorts. Bright says he has to after knee surgery:

(Bright) "I have tubes that come out of my leg."

And can't wear long pants. In the meantime, Bright says his client is still in jail, waiting:

(Bright) "She is denying him fair hearings under the Sixth Amendment and holding my physical condition against me."

Judge Etta Mullin says she can't comment because he's filed a motion to recuse and she can't take any action.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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