4-10 Hot sauce

There's a condiment controversy in southern California.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

The factory that makes Sriracha hot sauce is declared a public nuisance in Irwindale, California. With neighbors complaining the fumes have been stinging their eyes, causing headaches and making them cough. The City Council's declaration allows city officials to enter the plant and make changes.

(Onsot) "The Council has residents to protect as well as concern for other businesses in the area."

Steve Onstot with the city attorney's office.

Huy Fong Foods attorney John Tate says the company's committed to fixing the problem, and that the nuisance tag is unnecessary.

(Tate) "The words they used last time when we were here was they wanted to hold a hammer over our heads, which we didn't find to be particularly amicable."

The problem comes up during chili pepper grinding season, from August through October.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.