"Fox and Friends First" co-host AINSLEY EARHARDT called in from Ft. Hood, Texas updating us on the mass shooting at the base. Ainsley explained that the community was just starting to heel from the tragic shooting at the base 5 years ago.

"Fox and Friends" co-host STEVE DOOCY stopped by and talked about the Benghazi hearings from yesterday and how former CIA deputy director Michael Morell contradicted himself.  Brian and Steve also talked about former President Bill Clinton's appearance with Jimmy Kimmel and explained how he and other presidents worked with Congress to get things done unlike Obama who keeps trying to just use his pen and pass things without bipartisanship.  They also talked about the latest news from Malaysia about the missing airplane.


"Fox News Sunday" host CHRIS WALLACE talked about the mass shooting at Ft. Hood and whether our soldiers should be able to carry firearms to protect themselves.  Chris and Brian also dissected former CIA deputy director Michael Morell testimony and discussed whether he consciously was trying to protect Barak Obama's re-election.

Fox News Business "Varney & Co." host STUART VARNEY dropped by to talk about Michael Lewis' claim that the stock market is rigged.  Stuart totally disagreed with Lewis' claim. Stuart also explained that if you have a smarter algorithm than anyone else you are not cheating it is actually American.

President of the Armed Forces Foundation PATRICIA DRISCOLL called to bring awareness to how our returning service men and women are coming back with mental disabilities that ruin families and end result in violence. She also hopes that the shooting at Ft. Hood will help us get better PTSD help for returning veterans because being back in civilian life without a job and having financial trouble only compounds the pressure they are already under.


Senior Fox News correspondent ADAM HOUSLEY said that Mike Morrell's testimony has more holes than it did going in.  He also feels that this will open more doors for opponents to strike at the administration. Housley explained his belief that Morrell lied telling congress that his analysts didn't know it was a terrorist attack 3 days later.

Fox News correspondent SHANNON BREAM talked about the Supreme Court striking down overall political donation cap. With this decision she explained that the cap stays the same but you can give to as many candidates as you would like.