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“Magic for Dogs.”

Teaching old dogs new tricks usually doesn’t usually work-out.  But, showing old dogs magic tricks – well, that’s viral video gold.  Finnish magician Jose Ahonen shows man’s best friend some sleight of hand, making dog biscuits disappear… up his right sleeve… leaving the salivating pups baffled.  One dog even jumps back in alarm, barking at the magician.  But, for those wondering – don’t worry.  Those poor, hoodwinked hounds did receive some tasty treats both before and after participating in the stunt.

Then, there’s this:

“Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance.”

Kevin Bacon, who currently stars on FOX’s The Following cuts loose on the Tonight Show, rebelling against the program’s newly enacted ban on dancing.  Host Jimmy Fallon enforces the strange rule that conveniently coincides with the 30th anniversary of the movie Footloose, before introducing Bacon as his guest.

But, the actor forever trapped in the ’80’s proves he’s still a bad boy by popping on a cassette tape and dancing his way down the backstage halls… likely enlisting the help of a body double because it has been 30 years.  After a quick costume change into a maroon tux – a subtle hat tip to the film, Bacon re-creates his iconic Footloose dance moves on the Tonight Show stage.

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“Promise Dady You Will Never Have a Boyfriend.”

This short, cute clip shows a father asking his young daughter to make him a promise.  Filled with obvious trust and love for her dad, the little girl blindly repeats the vow he asks her to make… until realizing it’s to never date.  Looks like poor dad just had an unfortunate wake-up call.

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