KK: (AUDIO) @KARLROVE: President Disrespected Pope; JONATHAN WATCHEL on What the UN Will Do about Russia and Ukraine



Former Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush KARL ROVE discussed President Obama’s trip to Europe, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia.  Karl explained that what he said holds not weight because he has talked tough before but never carried through on his threat.  He also said that President Obama went out of his way to disrespect the Pope by saying that they didn’t talk about social issues.  On his Saudi Arabia visit Mr. Rove explains that they wished the United States had taken a stronger role in Syria.  He went on to say that Vladimir Putin has come to the conclusion that he doesn’t have to worry about President Obama and that you can lie to him and that there will be no consequences. To really get their attention we have to hit them hard and show that we will sell natural gas to Europe which will immediately have an effect on the Russian economy. We also have to understand that he is self-centered and that he constantly spins on his own behalf.

Weekly Standard Senior Writer STEVE HAYES talked about the report saying that Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) had no knowledge about the bridge lane closings. Steve explained that this helps Christie and will clear his image for a possible 2016 presidential run.


Fox’s UN Correspondent JONATHAN WATCHEL dropped by and explained that if things keep going the way they are, we will be back to the 1950’s and have another cold war split with nothing getting done. The biggest problem with the UN vote regarding Russia and Ukraine was that some nations not only abstained but didn’t even bother to stand and vote.

Fox News Digital Politics Editor CHRIS STIERWALT checked in and discussed Senator Harry Reid (R-NV) saying that he never took the Senate floor and said people complaining about Obamacare were lying.  Chris also expressed his belief that Gov. Christie is on his way to rehabilitating his image because he is finally doing an interview on Fox with Megyn Kelly instead of just doing one with the media establishment.


Fox’s Chief Washington Correspondent JAMES ROSEN talked about his Fox News Documentary: “Surrendering America” about President Obama’s Commerce Department intending to giveaway the internet and whether that will lead to censorship. James and Brian also talked about President Obama’s weak foreign policy and having to go to Saudi Arabia to try and get their support in Syria and Ukraine.

NerdTears.com movie reviewer KEVIN MCCARTHY talked about the controversy surrounding the new movie “Noah” starring Russell Crowe. Kevin explained that he enjoyed it as a movie.  On Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie “Sabotage” he hated it and thought it was disturbingly violent.