(Courtesy: KDVR.com)
(Courtesy: KDVR.com)

An act of compassion gets a Colorado girl suspended from her elementary school.

Brenda Stuart of FOX News Radio affiliate KOA in Denver reports:

11-year old Kamryn Renfro didn't think twice when her best friend was diagnosed with cancer, with her parents permission, she shaved her head.

(Kamryn) "It felt like the right thing to do."

Delaney Clements is undergoing chemotherapy which caused her to lose her hair.

(Delaney) "It made me feel very special and that I'm not alone."

But the girls and their parents didn't check with school administrators. It seems head shaving violates the dress code at the Caprock Academy in Grand Junction... a policy for which they make no exception. They had agreed to Kamryn back into class today ahead of tonight's meeting of the school's Board of Directors.

In Denver, Brenda Stuart, FOX News Radio.

Update-- According to the Associated Press:

Kamryn at first wasn't allowed to return to classes at Caprock Academy, the charter school she attends. The academy later said she could return, but the school's board of directors is expected to discuss her situation at a meeting Tuesday evening.

The (Grand Junction) Daily Sentinel reports that the school board's chairwoman says the school's the dress code is designed to promote uniformity and a non-distracting environment. She said exceptions can be made under extraordinary circumstances. The board will decide whether they should make an exception.