What's ahead if you own one of the recently recalled 3 million GM vehicles. And cars plus trucks equal a lot of waiting... where's traffic the worst?

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper with our weekly look at things with wheels... "FOX Wheels":

FOX Wheels.

Recalls can be a pain because you have to make time to get the vehicle into the shop. A lot of GM owners have to do it because of issues including faulty ignition switches and side airbags.

GM Boss Mary Barra says recall letters have already gone out to owners and a recall service bulletin will go out to dealers the week of April 7th.

(Barra) "These letters and bulletins will explain the issue and the process for getting the switches replaced. We'll also send follow-up letters to customers to let them know that parts are available and that should start the 2nd week of April."

Barra says they've added a 2nd supplier production line to double parts availability.


Stuck in traffic?

If you're in Los Angeles, you're No. 1 on a Top 10 list of Most Congested Cities.

The survey compiled by traffic information provider, INRIX, says LA drivers on average spend just over 64 hours in traffic each year.

Other slow-commute cities: Honolulu, San Francisco, Austin and New York. No. 10 is Washington D.C.

("Midnight Cowboy") "I'm walkin' here!"

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