(AP Photo/Polk County Sheriff's Office, Tim Telford)
(AP Photo/Polk County Sheriff's Office, Tim Telford)

A skydiver who's lucky to be alive after a weekend accident says he's ready to get back into the air as soon as he can.

FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony has the story:

Steve Frost admits:

Frost: "I was extremely lucky."

But he still wants to jump again after surviving a skydive Saturday near Tampa, Florida-- when he got tangled up with a small plane about 75-feet above the ground.

Frost: "Unfortunately my parachute got caught on the wing."

He says he tried to avoid it:

Frost: "I tried to make myself small by balling up."

Now, the way the pilot, Sharon Trembley tells it:

Trembley: "I saved his life."

He saw they were going to hit, so the 87-year old WWII Vet maneuvered his Cessna. If he hadn't:

Trembley: "The right wing of the airplane probably would have hit him right below the neck."

Frost and Trembley's plane smashed into the ground. But both men escaped serious injury.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

See PHOTOS below of the accident courtesy: (AP / Polk County Sheriff's Office, Tim Telford)

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