(AP File Photo)
(AP File Photo)

After more than two days of searching for a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 239 people on board, there's still no sign of it. Authorities are also trying to figure out why two people used stolen passports to board the flight.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso reports:

Those stolen passports are a major focus of the investigation. They went unchecked by authorities and efforts are underway to identify the two men using them:

Rep. King (R-NY) "There is fight camera surveillance of them. That's all I know. As far as I know there is no ID of them yet."

New York Republican Congressman Peter King. Malaysian officials say a hijacking attempt or terror and other theories as to what happened at this point, cannot be ruled out.

Jeff Monosso, FOX News Radio.

Watch as FNR's Jeff Monosso talks to the Big John & Amy Show on WIND AM560 The Answer Monday morning about the investigation:

Editor's Note: Officials today revealed that five passengers checked in to fly on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 but didn't board the plane. Also, two oil slicks spotted by rescue crews in the South China Sea do not belong to the aircraft.