Stolen 65 Beetle
(AP Photo/Customs and Border Protection)

A reason to check out a fancy ride, and finding a beetle -- car that is.

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FOX Wheels.

The $89,000 price tag may be keeping you away from the Tesla Model S, but Consumer Reports says with a 225-mile range, the electric car is worth a look.

Editor Jon Linkove says Ford and GM didn't make the magazine's "Top Picks" list this year, but

(Linkove) "Because we don't have reliability data -- we can't recommend it yet -- and that's the Chevrolet Impala. We tested it this year and were super impressed."

Linkove says if reliability data from subscribers is good, 2015 could be the year of the Impala.


(AP Photo/Customs and Border Protection)
(AP Photo/Customs and Border Protection)

Joe MacDonald bought a '65 Volkswagen Beetle when he was a college student in Knoxville back in 1973.

A rag top...

(MacDonald) "It had shiny chrome hubcaps..."

But in 1974, when he walked to a parking lot...

(MacDonald) "Poof -- it just vanished."

Border Patrol Agents recently discovered that a '65 Beetle in front of them had been stolen 40-years ago from Knoxville.

It was about to be shipped overseas for restoration.

Holding a new picture, MacDonald says...

(MacDonald) "Well there she is. She's got a new paint job."

And now he has to fill out paperwork to get her back.

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