VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of February 28th


Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Just Don’t Go.”

The song, “Let it Go” from Disney’s box office smash Frozen is an internet phenom in and of itself with parody’s of the award winning tune popping-up almost daily.  But, WKRC traffic reporter Bob Herzog gets his fifteen minutes of fame with this cover performed during a newscast.  The Cincinnati based reporter dramatically spoofs the song with lyrics warning viewers about dangerous driving conditions when, wait for it - it snows, in the winter.  The stunt is part of Herzog’s infamous “Dance Party Friday’s” when the Ron Burgundy wannabe performs awful covers of popular songs.  Perhaps, we should feel bad for this reporter’s offspring.

Then, there’s this:

Finding Nemo Censored!”

Because everything has to be dirty these days.  Some genius decided to add bleep sounds throughout choice parts of the family friendly movie Finding Nemo, transforming the sweet cartoon into a seemingly R-rated raunch-fest.  You’ll never think of Marlin, Nemo, Dory or even the lovable surfer dude Crush the same way again.

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Mario Seinfeld – A Parody about Nothing.”

Some creative genius, clearly stuck in the ’90’s, blessed the Internet with this wonderful spoof portraying Super Mario as Jerry Seinfeld, Luigi as Kramer and Toad as George Costanza.  And, yes - Toad wears horn-rimmed glasses in the clip.  It’s pretty hysterical watching the video game characters sitting in a New York City apartment talking about Bowser, aka Newman – kidnapping Princess Toadstool.

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