Some College Football Players Fight To Form Union

Kain Colter, Ramogi Huma, Leo Gerard, Tim Waters

Witness testimony gets underway Tuesday in the effort by some college football players to get the "go ahead" to form a union.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports from Chicago:

Audio clip:

The National Labor Relations Board is considering whether college football players are employees. It's Northwestern Wildcats players who've launched the fight to form a union.

Their attorney, John Adam, says former quarterback Kain Colter will be their main witness.

(Adam) "We're going to have other witnesses that'll establish that under federal labor law college athletes and Division I receiving payment, compensation for their services are employees under federal labor law."

The students are also concerned about their medical bills. Northwestern spokesman Bob Rowley says they provide health insurance...

(Rowley) "There are broader issues at play here and I think those are the ones that will be brought up and the players should have a say in this."

The school just doesn't think that it should be an employee - employer relationship.

In Chicago, Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.