The Beatles: Today and Yesterday (Part 3) [VIDEO]

(AP Photo, File)

(AP Photo, File)
(AP Photo, File)

It was fifty years ago this week when "Beatlemania" took over America. The impact The Beatles made can still be felt in their influence over other artists and their longevity, generation to generation.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh tells us about how The Beatles changed the world in our special series, "The Beatles: Today and Yesterday":

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The Beatles music and lyrics are studied by musicians and fans alike and has spawned dozens of museum exhibits. There's even one on display now at the Grammy Museum.

(Drum Exhibit)

That's part of an interactive exhibit where Ringo teaches fans to play the drums.

(Cox) "The Beatles are just culturally ingrained in our lives and we've found that if there's not a Beatles presence in the museum, people will come asking, well where are The Beatles?"

Andie Cox with the Grammy Museum says the exhibits are a way to expose a younger generation to The Beatles-- Something high school teacher and former Beatles cover band member Mike Wilson tries to do on a daily basis.

(Wilson) "Almost everyone loves something about The Beatles. So many kids show up to my class with Beatles t-shirts, they're timeless."

Wilson says his students even concede that although their generation is superior to his in many ways, the music was better-- and that's thanks in most part, to The Beatles.

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.

WATCH Ringo Starr walk through The Beatles exhibit at the Grammy Museum:

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