The Beatles: Today and Yesterday (Part 2)

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Fifty years after they arrived in America, the Beatles influence on popular culture continues to be felt.

FOX News Radio's Sabrina Sabbagh tells us about the band's musical legacy in our series, "The Beatles: Today and Yesterday":

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Chances are the Beatles have influenced you or moved you in some way, and that's the legacy they leave behind.

(Levinson) "They touched on universal, human themes, that we still can very much relate to."

(The Beatles) "Nowhere Man"

(Levison) "Think about "Nowhere Man"-- a feeling that someone has that they don't belong anywhere. That's a very profound thing."

Paul Levinson is a professor of media studies at Fordham University and says The Beatles found a way to reach everyone with their music.

(The Beatles) "She's Leaving Home"

(Levinson) "If you think about the song "She's Leaving Home"-- the idea of a child growing up and then leaving the house, that's something that all parents go through. You'll find in each song this profound, human dimension."

Levinson, along with many other music critics cite The Beatles ability to connect with their fans on an emotional level as one of the keys to their long-term success. Even as the lyrics got more complex, they never lost the human element.

Sabrina Sabbagh, FOX News Radio.

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