Super Bowl Football

Ads from automakers for this year's Super Bowl included wings, rainbows, cross-breeding and cars.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports in this week's "FOX Wheels" podcast:

It's FOX Wheels.

Among those revving up their marketing engines: The automakers.

You probably saw some of the spots during the Super Bowl, like Audi talking about cross-breeding dogs...

(Commercial) "Doberhuahua"

Volkswagen featured engineers, wings and rainbows...

(Commerical) "What if i told you that every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles a German engineer gets his wings?"

Vinay Shahani with Volkswagen says for his marketing department...

(Shahani) "It's not just about the Super Bowl for us. It's about setting the stage for the rest of the year."

He won't talk about how much they paid...

(Shahani) "It's certainly not a cheap date. Many companies want to get in and they all have stories to tell."

And if they've got you talking -- that's a plus.

You driving off of the lot with a new car, well...

("Family Guy") "Touchdown!"


Ford and Chrysler ended 2013 strong, both reporting a jump in 4th quarter earnings.

And we like our hogs... Harley Davidson ended the year up almost 7% as motorcycles sales continued to rise worldwide.

With FOX Wheels, I'm Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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