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On Sunday, the buzz won't be just about the big game, but the ads that play during it. It costs $4 million dollars for :30 seconds of Super Bowl air time-- that's up 38% from 2010. Is it worth it? Check out some of the ads that are already getting people talking:

Anheuser-Busch: A puppy befriends a Clydesdale... This one will pull at the heartstrings:

General Mills Cheerios: An interracial family that was featured in a prior ad is back and this time the family is expanding:


SodaStream: This ad features actress Scarlett Johansson The ad first made waves when the company said it would delete its last line, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi," at a request by Fox. Then on Thursday, Johansson resigned her Oxfam ambassadorship. The nonprofit was unhappy she was linked with SodaStream, which operates in Israeli settlements in the West Bank See the original version below:


Nestle's Butterfinger: This teaser for the big game ad features a couple in therapy, one likes peanut butter, the other chocolate, looking to spice things up.

Beats Music: Ellen DeGeneres is featured in this Goldilocks themed ad for a new music streaming service:


Kia: Actor Laurence Fishburne reprises his "Matrix" role as Morpheus to introduce the K900 luxury sedan:


Toyota USA: Brings the Muppets together with Terry Crews:


Audi: Features a new breed of dog and singer Sarah McLachlan. Meet the 'Doberhuahua':