Pete Seeger

Legendary folk singer and activist Pete Seeger has died. He was 94.

FOX News Radio's Mitch Davis reports:

(AP Photo/ADN-D.Steinberg, File)
(AP Photo/ADN-D.Steinberg, File)

He wrote songs that everybody knows...

(Seeger) "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"

Others had hits with Pete Seeger's music...

(Kingston Trio) "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"

...Like the Kingston Trio.

(Peter Paul and Mary) "If I Had A Hammer"

...Peter Paul and Mary.

And the Byrds...

(Byrds) "Turn! Turn! Turn!"

Obit Seeger

Seeger himself had this one solo hit...

(Seeger) "Little Boxes"

He shared his music and his dreams for a better world.

(Seeger) "Franklin D."

He was against war and pollution. A fighter for workers and civil rights.

(The Almanac Singers) "Sixteen Tons"

Pete Seeger played along side Woody Guthrie and he was a member of the Weavers, blacklisted by the government. In the 1950's Congress found him to be "un-American"... a ruling- later overturned.

Obit Seeger

(Seeger) "We Shall Overcome"

He was a self-admitted Communist, but his many fans would tell you that Pete Seeger loved his country, but saw that it needed fixing. He marched and he sang for civil rights.

His version of "We Shall Overcome" became the anthem of the movement.

(Seeger) "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy"

Seeger used his music to oppose the Vietnam War. But he devoted his later years to the environment...

(Seeger) "My Dirty Stream"

...Creating a music festival to encourage a clean-up of New York's Hudson River.

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger used his music as a weapon to fight for the things he loved.

Mitch Davis, FOX News Radio.

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