VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of January 24th


Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Arnold Works at Gold’s.”

In this video, Arnold Schwarzenegger attempts to go incognito at, of all places a gym  in Venice, California.  The actor and former bodybuilder wears a very believable disguise involving a stick-on mustache and a black hat and, attempts to give work-out advice to random patrons in his signature accent.  But, the hilarious stunt is for a good cause– raising awareness and funds for the After-School All-Stars program– benefiting children from low-income families.

Then, there’s this:

“Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk – 4K.”

It seems the Imperial Forces are taking a page out of the Miley Cyrus playbook.  Twerking officially joins the dark side in this outlandish video  featuring Stormtroopers performing, well it’s actually a pretty impressive– make that, most impressive dance routine in a city alley.  A stunt that is rudely interrupted by Darth Vader.

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“CarMax – Slow Clap and CarMax – Slow Bark Big Game Commercial 2014.”

After a three year absence, CarMax is revving into the Super Bowl ad line-up with a pair of ads already trending on-line.  The gimmick?  Two versions of the same commercial, but one with puppies.

In the “CarMax – Slow Clap” ad, a man drives off the automotive retailer’s lot receiving deliberate applause from pedestrians.  There’s even a brief cameo by actor Sean Astin; a sort of hat tip to the classic football flick Rudy.

But, the “CarMax – Slow Bark” version is the exact same ad; but with a dog in the driver seat receiving a series of long barks of approval from his fellow canine peers.

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