(AP Photo/Ralph Lauren)
(AP Photo/Ralph Lauren)

With the 2014 Winter Olympics growing closer, Russia's inability to quell recent violence in the Sochi area, and a caution from the State Department on wearing Team USA gear, some athletes like veteran American Olympic speed-skater Tucker Fredricks are preparing for a totally different experience this time.

Dan O'Donnell with FOX News Radio affiliate WISN in Milwaukee reports:

Speed skater Tucker Fredricks will be competing in his third Olympics, but for the first time his friends and family won't be there rooting him on.

(Fredricks) "I, um, asked everybody to stay back home."

Fredricks is nervous about security outside the Olympic Village in Sochi, especially after the State Department warned athletes not to wear team gear outside of Olympic venues.

(Fredricks) "Well they kind of warned us like, eh, they have no control over anything outside of the bubble. And that's kind of where like the families would be or anything like that."

In Milwaukee, Dan O'Donnell for FOX News Radio.

WATCH to learn more on the Team USA uniforms:

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