The Weekly Standard’s STEPHEN HAYES offered up his take on The New Yorker’s 17,000 word profile piece on President Obama.


The Heritage Foundation’s PETER BROOKES weighed in on the security concerns plaguing the Olympic Games.  Brian asked if Russia was the terrorists main target or if the United States would be.  Brookes said Russia is the top target, but Westerners are legitimate targets as well.  


FOX’s JENNIFER GRIFFIN updated Brian and his listeners on the latest happenings with Iran.  Jen said there are concerns that if sanctions are loosened on Iran then it will be hard to tighten them back up; however, she also pointed out that Iran could go back to enriching uranium.  Griffin explained that the situation is very tenuous because everything is reversible. 


Fox Sports Analyst, TONY SIRAGUSA, called into Kilmeade and Friends and previewed the Super Bowl saying he think it is going to be great!  Siragusa, who is also a Jersey guy, weighed in on Gov. Christie and detailed some of the fantastic things he has done for the state of New Jersey!


GENERAL STANLEY MCCHRYSTAL, author of My Share of the Task: A Memoir, sat down with Brian and commented on a wide range of issues, such as, Snowden in Russia, Benghazi, former Defense Secretary Gates, & Gen. Petraeus getting heckled!