Brian’s Congressman, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), called into Kilmeade and Friends and weighed in on a litany of topics, including attorney Lynn Stewart getting a compassionate release because she has breast cancer.  King reacted by saying Lynn Stewart is a horrible person.  He went onto explain that it is one thing to defend someone but she aided the enemy.  She should not be entitled to any benefits from this government at all.


Political guru DR LARRY SABATO joined Brian and broke down all of the elections to watch in 2014, including Florida’s gubernatorial race as well as Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina’s Senatorial races!


Fox’s CHRIS STIREWALT made his regular Friday appearance and the two dissected what is going on with Speaker Boehner and immigration!


Fox favorite, HARRIS FAULKNER, sat down with Brian, and after talking about how she dealt with the snow, the two discussed the latest Obamacare happenings.


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano updated Brian and his listeners about how NY is dealing with the aftermath of Hercules. 


Kilmeade & Friends’ favorite movie reviewer, Kevin McCarthy, joined Brian and the two got into over Kevin’s recommendation of Gravity.  Kevin raved about the movie and when Brian finally watched it he was left underwhelmed.   To Kevin’s defense, Brian watched the movie in his hotel room and not in 3D IMAX like Kevin suggested!