Kilmeade Kondensed:  1/2/14


COL ALLEN WEST joined Brian and the two talked about the upcoming gubernatorial race in Florida which is being headlined as one of the top races to watch in 2014!  West said he has no idea who Charlie Crist is because one minute he wants to be on McCain’s presidential ticket, he then runs as an independent Senator and now he is a democrat!  West exclaimed,  “This is worse than the Roman God of Janus who only had 2 faces.  I mean, now we have three different faces!”


Fox & Friends’ STEVE DOOCY came in studio on Kilmeade and Friends and talked about the possibility of a giant Fox sleepover in NYC because of the pending blizzard!  Brian and Steve also discussed Speaker Boehner considering an incremental approach on immigration.


Fox News Sunday’s CHRIS WALLACE & Brian were at odds over whether it was appropriate for NYC Mayor De Blasio to take shots at Mayor Bloomberg during his inaugural speech.  Brian thought it was out of line, much like he thought it was out of line when President Obama did the same thing to President Bush.  However, Wallace thinks the inaugural speech is no time to play nice, it is time to set your agenda.

Kilmeade & Friends simulcasted with Varney & Co on FBN where Brian and Stuart talked about how the NFL is having trouble selling out its wild card games this weekend!   


The WSJ’s DANIEL HENNINIGER sat down with Brian and talked about his recent column where he wrote about why it is time for a “big-league President” and how American leadership is the antidote to global chaos.